Professional Website Design Services

We have experienced Web Design team that will work with you till you get the website look you want.

All our websites come with a free proposal based on your company profile. We compile 3 different layouts to choose from. All our creative ideas are tailor made to meet your requirements

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Free Web Design

For the first time you are going to get a free website design from Oledoinyo Web Services

To qualify for free website design you need to meet the following conditions;

Buy our basic hosting

Get your domain name from us

The website that will be designed for you will include the following:

Maximum of 5 pages website

Main Features:

HTML Website Design

Fully Responsive / Mobile Ready

Full Ownership Rights and Sources



Basic Plan


One Time Payment

HTML, Dynamic website

2 Round of mockups

Upto 5 designed pages

Technical Support (2 Month free)

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Business Plan


One Time Payment

Dynamic website, with CMS.

3 rounds of mockups

Upto 10 designed pages

Technical Support (3 Month free)

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Premium Plan


One Time Payment

Dynamic website, with CMS.

5 rounds of mockups

Upto 15 designed pages

Technical Support (6 Month free)

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Fully Responsive / Mobile Friendly

Build and design to meet latest web design standards

Accessibilty and site loading speed are in cooperated through out the design process.

Included with all packages as standard:

Intial scoping meeting with client, 3 website mockup iterations (client can always pay for more mockup iterations), HTML coded mockup prototype delivery

HTML Coded Design

Our design prototypes will be develivered to you as html files and you can view it on a browser before they are build into a live site.

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Fully Responsive

Website build once to work well across all screen sizes. No need for mobile application.

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Design Sources

Our team is versitile and trained is multiple web design approaches. We can work with your to meet your challenges.

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Ownership Rights

Once you have full paid for the Webdesign you will have the copyright. We reserve the right to use your website as example of our work.

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